1. You need high GMAT score.
GMAT was quite serious test. The idea is to test your ability to express yourself, meditate on the complex texts and extract information from them, and your mathematical knowledge. The result of the GMAT should be at least 650 (min. 200, max. 800). According to some, the importance of the test result is overvalued, but elite universities are quite clear – only the frame candidates can teach us.

2. Recommendations.
Also very important point. The standard recommendations are not recommended. Also those of your friends or written by yourself. An interesting point is that their universities have the means to control their authenticity. Very often must give an address for contact with people and university connects directly with him and providing specific period within which to publish (even send login and password) recommendation.

What is the purpose of the Recommendation?
Recommendation describes your professional and personal life through the eyes of your colleagues, bosses, mentors, teachers. As higher fasting and the importance of this, of whom the recommendation, the better. Naturally must be visible and your relationship with him. I do not see much sense of recommendation from a top-manager, who has written what you’re capable of, but did not clear how she knows.

How recommendations?
Usually 2-3 and then by people from different areas. For example, the professor with whom you defended my thesis and your current boss or mentor at work.

How does it look?
My personal opinion is that small talk has no meaning. When you request a recommendation from someone nice will to his recall various moments of your collaboration and that such a positive conclusion. Ie prepare it. Projects, achievements, experience, relationships and contacts you most clearly you describe. If you do agree you write it, write it so that both can feel comfortable.