How to apply

MBA programs are specific and as a process of learning and application. It should first be recalled that a necessary condition for admission to such a program is to have a bachelor’s degree. Secondly note that globally speaking at best MBA programs comes after a serious selection, which increases the more prestigious business school becomes. From now on each program has its own specific requirements. Sites schools traditionally describe in great detail what they are and how the training is. In the majority of MBA programs are taught in English. Any certificate to your request, the results should be in the highest scale. Often not referred to specific parameters, but stated that candidates must have excellent written and spoken English. Sometimes programs are taught in two languages ​​- English and French for example – then it is possible you need security certificates for both languages. The most commonly required are the results of GMAT (average scores in some of the best schools – from 640 to 690 points), and sometimes universities in the United States can ask for SAT instead of GMAT. Career is compulsory 100% for EMBA programs and at least 5 years. Support employers in this case can be crucial. As for the MBA, there you can encounter and programs that do not require work experience (this requirement tends to void more often) and when specifying such a requirement, it is required experience is usually 3 years and up.