MBA programs are among the most expensive post-graduate qualifications. Actually EMBA program in one of the top schools in the world can easily go for the most expensive diploma in education at all, because the numbers reach 100 € -170,000. Broadly speaking, MBA programs are between 10,000 and 80,000 euros. In ESSEC Business School as MBA programs are about € 40,000, and the IESE two-year MBA program is worth 170 000 euro. Financing of MBA education usually in several ways: loan, savings, scholarships, by sponsor, with firm support.

No doubt that MBA education is a serious investment of time and money. The more prestigious program is, the more you have the funds. Here the question arises how worth it all. MBA degree holders in developed countries can still count that into account when building a career. But the fact is that the West has tended to overload of highly qualified personnel. As to Bulgaria, here frankly is one to say the least neglect of this type of education and often employers openly admit that having an MBA or EMBA degree, even from the most prestigious business schools, does not give a particular advantage of the job applicant. MBA is sometimes taken for granted, it is not a requirement for appointment to the post and the candidate with extensive experience would have been more competitive than one with an MBA. Paradox of the labor market as a result of the crisis, which wants quick results rather than long-term prospects or temporary situation of inadequate evaluation of this potential but at the moment it is difficult to say categorically what burden in Bulgaria have these diplomas.

Yet, despite everything, remains attractive MBA postgraduate option to give a boost to his career in business, start your own business and create contacts from which to accrue dividends life.