MBA Education

MBA - Master of Business Administration
MBA – Master of Business Administration
MBA (Master in Business Administration) is by definition a master’s program in business studies, and is essentially the most prestigious postgraduate qualification in management. MBA diploma is an international testimonial for quality business education through which passes the road to building a successful career as a manager. Otherwise, MBA or EMBA (Executive MBA) – the program designed for people with experience gained managerial position, ie. Pomegranate. Senior management team – have adopted the necessary educational qualifications, if you want to become part of the highest levels in the business hierarchy .

MBA originated in the early 20th century in the US and 60 years will be offered in many places in Europe. In Bulgaria this diploma is a fact, as the saying goes “one of those days.”

MBA programs are mainly carried out under three forms – full time, part-time and distance learning, this means that the former should take the full time program, learning takes place in the second weekend in a time consistent with the working rhythm of candidates and the third option is distance learning. EMBA study on weekends, once a month, respectively, and can take the most time. The duration of these programs is usually from 1 to 3 years. Whether you choose an MBA or EMBA and in what form, depends on the candidate, whether working on and what professional experience there.

MBA programs are highly practical oriented and moreover, the other big plus is their network of business contacts that each student can do. The lecturers of the most prestigious programs are academics and representatives of the real business with a strong reputation and world renown. Training is conducted in modules – financial management, human resources, marketing, management. The next phase is training in leadership skills. Candidates learn the different ways of negotiating training for decision-making, attend seminars to motivate a team, improve speaking skills and techniques then you need to become business managers of the highest class. MBA programs are a chance to realize more time training them. Because they are tied to big business. Projects they are working on an MBA candidates are often ordered and monitored by large global companies. Demonstrate qualities you can get a good offer for work.

MBA degrees are widely available in universities and their graduate business schools for postgraduate training. The most prestigious institutions for this type of educational qualifications are known as business schools (Business schools).